Rita Malhotra

Parents of Reyansh Malhotra (Class I Pansy)

RIMT World School has proven to be a Super School, which ensures the holistic growth of my child. The teachers are amicable and supportive. Teachers work hard to cater the different needs of the students. The school has a perfect ambience for the proper development of students. PTMs are held often that helps in connecting the parents and teachers, also bridges the gap between the teaching-learning process.


Varun Nayyar

Parents of Aadhya (Class I Rose)

As the session is ending, I want to convey my gratitude and appreciation towards RIMT faculty.

Thank you for providing individual attention to kids and making them part of online activities and giving them fair chance to participate in all online activities.

Along with that making them understand about the importance of National festivals through activities and give them knowledge of general awareness.



Parents of Avaan Arora (KG Rose)

We want to acknowledge and appreciate the amazing efforts from all the Teachers and the staff of the School in these unprecedented times to ensure that learning never stops for the children. We are amazed as how all the Teachers managed the children through Zoom classes, while allowing the children to express themselves and making learning fun and enjoyable.

Wishing you and the RIMT family all the very best.


Rajeev Kaushal

Parents of Varchasv (Nursery)

Varchasv is growing gracefully under the supervision of his mentors. The play/activity area of school is awesome which is visually very appealing and full of greenery. A big salute to the teachers for making virtual learning interesting and innovative. A very  special thanks to Ms Dolly for being the most favourite teacher of Varchasv


Abhishek Thakkar

Parents of Ayushmann Thakkar (KG Lily)

RIMT World School is one of the best Schools in the Tricity. Management and holding of all virtual classes and activities are appreciable. Teachers are very helpful and highly educated. It has a huge playground. School also offers various sports activities which not only focuses on the physical fitness but also on the mental strength of all students. Special thanks to teachers for paying individual attention to each and every child.


Archna Thakur

Parents of Pavani Pathania (Class I)

Thank you to all the teachers and school staff for helping my daughter in her studies.

She is really enjoying her classes and the way she is participating in various activities is commendable.

It is very pleasant of you to offer assignments to her on regular basis which helps in enhancing her skill development. We are very grateful to all of you as she is able to focus on studies more by attending online classes and there is less workload on her


Sushil Bharti

Parent of Avika (Class VI) & Aayush (Class II)

Our Family is associated with RIMT World School since last  eight years. Both my children are studying in this school. Being a parent , I’m extremely happy with all that RIMT World School has been offering to our children. We are pleased with the ethos of the school, which aspire to identify each individual child’s capabilities and provides an environment that enables all the children to achieve their potential. The school and  all the teachers are proactive in ensuring the overall development of children .