Mr. Vijayant Bansal


Technology is ruling the roost and its influence is diffusing rapidly with India being termed as Digital India. Without any doubt, the competence has multiplied manifold. In school also, the desired technology is being incorporated at every level giving impetus to quality. Thus the promise of a wholesome education and multifarious activities stands fulfilled.

The better the Education, the better we stand. As such, realizing the sacred value of Education, I look into every such aspect in the school where quality needs to be enhanced. I foresee a brighter tomorrow observing the zeal and zest of these little ones. However high we may fly and whatever attainments we may boast about, there is always a scope to do better, to build better and to achieve better. It’s an incomplete mission which if gets completed, will get stale or saturated. Thus ‘GO ON’ is the slogan that I evolve. GO ON the build every individual and one day one individual will change the course of history ushering in a new dawn. Hope must never die because hope sustains till death. May every child diffuse goodness and may our children stand a class apart, I wish and I pray.