Pre Primary Curriculum

The most important step that marks the complete journey of life is the “First step”- the beginning. We are in complete accordance with the fact that every child has his unique individuality and demands attention. Bearing in mind that at this age the foundation of a child’s personality is laid and two third of his intellect is formed, we have created an environment and a system of teaching which is entirely child friendly.  It is here that they learn social skills, free-play, develop verbal ability and imbibe the skills and joy of creating things with their own hands through art and crafts which is an integral part of the curriculum.

Emphasis is also laid on the co- curricular activities which promote the physical well being of the students as well as inculcate in them social skills which largely frame the personality of an individual. The focus is on cognitive development and enhancement of the language and interpersonal skills. The children are sensitized to the social and cultural concerns and encouraged to think, reflect on issues and arrive at their own solutions. The main objective behind the curriculum is to enable the children to communicate effectively and to develop the integrated skills and creativity required for them to grow as confident and independent individuals. The concept of worksheets also works in the direction of making the teaching learning process more productive. The concept of ‘skill learning’ is promoted. We firmly believe that every child is a gem and we have to polish and carve the gem such that its luster brightens up the whole world.

Primary Curriculum

Our holistic and thematic approach to learning aims to develop students to become aware, caring and capable adults.  The termly broader topics or themes are planned in a 3-dimentional manner, to ensure concepts, ‘the big ideas’, knowledge and skills are taught and integrated across different areas of the curriculum. 

In Primary years, we have established a set of Learning to Learn skills to support metacognition as well as to promote lifelong learning; and these include ‘collaboration’, ‘asking good questions’, ‘perseverance’, ‘making links’ and so on.  We aim for children to be able to identify and apply their learning to Learn skills confidently across all areas of the curriculum. We strongly believe that children learn best from hands on experience and exercising their knowledge. As such, the children will be involved in designing the learning, reflecting on their learning and identify their successes and ways to improve. They will be encouraged to share their ideas, ask questions and feel safe to take risks and make mistakes. The Primary curriculum is structured to develop the skills in three R’s – Reading, writing & arithmetic. Individual and group activities are conducted regularly to kindle their spirit of curiosity. Field trips enable the students to learn from the principle of “Touch-Feel-Learn”

Middle Curriculum

The curriculum aims at building inter-personal communication skills, presentation skills and growth oriented thought process. The focus is on strengthening the concept formation. It is facilitated through role plays, group discussion, work sheets and project work.

The focus is to equipping our students with in-demand skill sets, a healthy self-view, a hunger for excellence and an awareness of the world as they prepare to face the challenges of the modern world head on. We have devised a framework that prepares our students for a future filled with success. Students enjoy a stimulated and varied curriculum that focuses on innovation, creativity and engagement which challenges and inspires students to achieve progression and success in their field of choice. We encourage our students to question. To question everything until they are satisfied with the answer.

Secondary Curriculum

The Students are enriched with content knowledge, application, understanding and analytical activities. They are trained in life skills, social skills, creative thinking and effective communication with positive aptitude and attitude for excellent performance in proficiency and entrance tests as well as for facing the global challenges. Our students participate in immersive co-curricular programs to continue their all-round growth and development.

An interactive digital learning facility is networked to every classroom. This method of learning captures a student’s attention and also simplifies complex problems, allowing them to visualize and understand concepts very quickly. Our well equipped laboratories, library resources, learner–centric environment and dedicated faculty ensure and enrich learning experience for our secondary school students. The program is designed not only to impart prescribed curriculum and prepare the students for Board Examination, but also enable them to strike a balance between studies, social life and physical wellbeing. Opportunities are given to the students to explore and gain knowledge and discover their own area of interest. Career guidance sessions are organized to make the students aware of various career options. Value Education and development of Life Skills form an integral part of every program.