Dr. Hukam Chand Bansal

Founder Chairman

Education, somewhere, has the sanctity confined to its very origin or in its latent usages. Pragmatically, when you look at an illiterate man and a literate one, the vibes that one inhales, is the brief sum up of its divinity. Many a time I wonder how all over the world one uniformity is in execution every morning i.e. children going to schools. Pass through Himachal and see the little ones carrying bags and climbing and here the buses, the vehicles run abuzz carrying the future of our society here and there. That means the sacred lamp of Education has reached almost every house disseminating its glow.

Education, especially in modern times, has become so extensive that its tentacles have reached space, the moon and much beyond as well. Gone are the days of ABCD or numerals and tables. Thus, bearing its credibility, RIMT world school means to deliver a multi-pronged Education for life to the children. Schools, rightly, are said to be the soul of the earth because none can deny that kindergarten + 12 years of stay happen to be a huge span to formulate any kind of discipline or habit for these impressionable minds. Thus, my repeated words to my Principal and staff have always been “Give your total self to the children as, there definitely, cannot be any service better than this. All those who have chosen to be a part of RIMT World School must stay assured of virtual Honesty, Integrity and Dedication. The interior and exterior of your child will be designed to suit all weathers. Moreover, the Foundations of such a long life cannot be laid on a deficit of Truth.

I sum up, my vision distinctly sees RIMT World School as a prototype of a school that will emerge as a template for others to get close to. We will march ahead with the clarity of mind that “THE POWER OF IGNITED SOUL IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY FORCE ON THE EARTH”.