In addition to the Innovative Programmes and Club Options, students at RIMTWS are given opportunities to participate in workshops that take place throughout the year, that focus on a wide range of aspects relating to the development of a well-rounded and balanced personality.

Faculty Training Program

“The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious to have one idea spark another.”

The role of a teacher in today’s time is important in order to develop responsible individuals. Feeling understood and supported is especially important for students with learning and attention issues. It helps them stay motivated, increases self-awareness, and encourages them to advocate for themselves.

With this vision to explore more about lesson plans a ‘Faculty Training Programme” by Ms. Neha Kundu was organised for the teachers on 30th June 2023. The teachers got to know many tips on lesson planning, interdisciplinary approach, art integrated activities, to bring out the best out of each child, be involved with the children, follow ‘Gradient Teaching’, to think out of the box, keep trying new things, motivate children and so on. Many activities too were performed by teachers for deeper understanding

Workshop on Time Management

A workshop on ‘Time Management’ was organized for the students of classes VI to X. The resource person, Mr Sanjeev Bhutani, Life Coach for School Students spoke about the important factors of Stress and Time management during examinations.

He spoke comprehensively about the common problems faced by school students and how we can overcome these problems. He also elaborated upon the importance of goal setting, study habits and time management. Mr Bhutani also discussed the tips, techniques and secrets on time management and goal setting. Finally, he addressed the queries of the students, and answered them aptly, thus bringing the session to a fruitful end.