Competitive Spirit

Following its ideology of promoting extra-curricular activities with the curriculum, the school provides a positive environment for the personality development of each student. Extensive exposure and guidance are provided to foster the versatile interest of the students and hobby clubs offered to learn classical & western music and dance, clay modelling, public speaking, theatre, yoga and martial arts.

The School follows a House system and the children are allotted four Houses that is COURAGE (Blue), ENDURANCE (Green), HONOUR (Red) AND VALOUR (Yellow).

The School Faculty elects students for the discipline council every academic year. Investiture Ceremony is conducted in the month of April & Head Boy & Head Girl, House Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects are chosen.

Inter Class & Inter House Competitions are conducted regularly to build up confidence & healthy competitive spirit. Under the guidance and motivation of the House In-charges and Member Teachers, the students participate in all competitions zealously and put in their best to ensure that their House Flag Flies High.