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Reading is the gateway that makes all other learning possible

There is no indecision about that reading has a great importance and benefits in our life. The benefits range from improving mental health, to improving physical health, to creating healthy habits, and it’s no wonder that books and reading are so high up on the list of personal entertainment. Reading does not only provide us health benefits but also the writing benefits.
A good reader is most often an independent learner and consequently an independent thinker capable of taking his/her decisions in life rationally. Such a learner will most assuredly  also be capable of critical thinking. Read More...


Memory plays various tricks on us throughout our lives. Have you ever felt helpless or anxious because everything you studied the previous day before taking your examination has suddenly become unavailable? Or ever felt excited because you flawlessly wrote everything in exam without forgetting anything? We wish we could fit a memory card in our brain for exams so that we do not forget any information. But why this happens; Why we often forget the learnt material? Read More...


One of the common things that all human beings have is that there are various goals that they would like to accomplish for themselves. These goals vary from person but achievement brings about great joy to the individual. However, most people today have a tendency of going aimlessly in their quest to achieve their goals. Read More...


Dee Hock once said ‘’ Make an empty space in any corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.’’ Creativity open doors for new inventions and add colours to our beautiful life. It allows us to generate novel ideas to different problems. In order to explore our creative self it is essential to be self aware. Try to introspect and reflect on how you have been solving different problems in your life.. Read More...


Remember that time when you thought you had a week left to final examination so why do prepare for it today; and now you are sitting with your book a day before the examination thinking why you didn’t start preparing a week before. Procrastination means putting off things to the last minute or keep on delaying work towards deadline. Read More...



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